Hi! I’m Brian Rhea

Hi! I’m Brian.

I’m a product designer with a background in development, and I can help you grow your business.

As you know, shipping is hard.

Really hard.

There’s always one more tweak to make. One more feature to add. One more must-have to integrate.

One more something.

But there's good news …

You need to build less than you think.

If you're here, you've probably read some or all of The Lean Startup, Getting Real, and Sprint.

If so, we probably agree on a couple core principles:

The hardest version to ship is the first one.

Let's build it together.

If you need an experienced partner to get unstuck or to get over a hump, I'm your guy. As a developer, product designer, and executive member of a venture-backed and exited technology startup, I've been there and I feel your pain.

Let's Build Version 1.0

Email me to get started.

Product Development & Consultation

Offered as low-risk, fixed-price packages.

Custom development and retainer engagements available by request. Email me and describe the problem we can solve together.


In my four-part email course you'll get a high level understanding of JTBD, the Forces of Progress, and JTBD interview technique. You'll know all you need to conduct your own JTBD interviews, tailor your marketing and product roadmap to address your customers' needs, and move ever closer to product-market fit.